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 Please see the "About Us" page to view more details about this organization.
If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or would like to provide some feedback, then please contact us at or call us at (724)-444-0020.  
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If you would like to become a member of MAP, then please download the MAP Membership form by clicking here and fill it out and email it to or you can drop off your application at the MAP office. The Mosque address is listed below:
MAP's Mailing Address:
5725 N Montour Rd, Gibsonia, PA - 15044
MAP's Telephone Number: (724)-444-0020

MAP Executive Committee
The MAP Executive Committee members are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organizations. If you have questions for MAP's Executive Committee members then you can contact them at Current Executive Committee members are listed below:

   Ishfaq Ahmad

 President /

 Muhammad Arif


Saima Sitwat

 Executive Secretary

 Arif Ghaffar

Education Secretary 

 Nasreen Khan

 Treasurer /

Yasmeen Ahmad

Social Secretary 

Asim Kokan

Community Services Coordinator 

Other Contact Information

 MAP Committee's

 Email Address

 Current Members

 Brief Description of the group

 MAP Social Committee    Chair: Khurram Ali. Members: Juvaria, Sabeen Iqbal, Jabeen Osmani, Nishat Kazi, Khurram Ali, Chand Rao, Sidra Ali, Azra Mahmood
 Responsible for making all food arrangments for all the social events such as picnics, various dinners, ramadan iftaris, zoo / other fun trips, etc.
 MAP Education Committee        Chair: Hafeez Dheen. Members: Ishfaq Ahmad, Sakir Yucel, Muhammad Muddassar Ali, Azra Mahmood, Sami Iren, Mazen Zenati
 Responsible for organizing Quran Classes, Summer Programs, Family Fun Nights, Friday Halaqas, other classes, etc.
 MAP Facilities Committee       Chair: Imtiaz Ahmed. Members: Ahmed Reza, Wasim Ahmed  Responsible for maintaining the facility, installing any items needed in the masjid, etc.
 MAP Fundraising Committee  Chair: Hamid Jafri. Members: Saleem Ahmed, Nishat Kazi,Imran Qadeer,Usman Chaudry  Responsible for organizing fundraisers and securing funds to run the day-to-day operations.
 MAP Financial Assistance Committee  Chair: Sami Iren. Members: Muhammad Muddassar Ali  Responsible for distributing the Sadaqa and Zakat funds.
 MAP Communications  Chair: Imran Qadeer (MAP President)
 Responsible for sending out communication to the community and to keep them updated on all activities/events. Also responsible for answering any general questions or concerns.
 MAP Website Administrator  Chair: Ammad Amjad.  Responsible for designing and maintaining the website and keeping it upto date with the latest information.
 MAP Outreach Committee Chair: Shameem Gangjee. Members: Ishfaq Ahmed, Naveed Reza, Sabeen Iqbal, Nasreen Khan Responsible for performing outreach activities such as reaching out to other communities, making MAP visible to other inter-faith organizations, etc. 
 MAP Events Committee
 Chair: Nishat Kazi
Members: Shagufta Doja, Khurram Ali, Sidra Ali, Amtul Rao
 Responsible for organizing logistics for major events such as Eid Parties, Fundraisers, Picnics, various dinners, ramadan iftaris, zoo / other fun trips, etc
 MAP Sunday School Principal Sr. Azra Mahmood Principal is responsible for all the activities related to MAP Sunday School.