Educational Activities

Alhamdulillah now that MAP has moved into the new location (check the home page for new address), we will insha-allah be offering the following Educational activities, please contact us at for more details or if you would like to sign up for any of these activities:
Learning to Read Quran
    Lessons for Children (3-4 days per week)
        - Please click here and download the Quran Lessons Sign-up sheet and fill in the information and email it to
    Lessons for Adults (based on demand, contact if you would like to signup)
Summer Program
    Daily Activities for Children
    3-4 Days per Week
    Need strong volunteer commitment – signup sheet
   Please click here and download the Summer Program SignUp sheet and fill in the information and email it to
Weekly Study Circles (Halaqa’s)
    Friday Evenings
    Tafseer Presentations with Trivia 
Family Fun Night
    This will occur on the second Friday of every month and will consist of the following activities:
    Arts/Crafts for Small Children
    Educational Fun Games and Lectures

    Family Retreats (Games, Lectures, Spirituality)
    Youth Retreats (Games, Lectures, Spirituality)
    Seminars and Workshops (half-days weekend events)

Many other activites will be planned based on the community needs. If you would like to propose another activity for the community that you would like MAP to conduct, then please contact us at or with more details.
Also if you are willing to volunteer for any of these activities, then please contact the
Please keep checking our website for latest updates on any new activites.