MAP Student Scholarship Dinner

Stay Tuned, MAP's Annual Student Scholarship Dinner for 2011 is planned for August. More details regarding this event will be posted soon on this website.
2010 Student Scholarship Dinner
MAP would like to thank everyone for taking time from your busy schedule and attending the "Student Scholarship Dinner" on 27th June, 2010 at MCCGP.

Total Amount Raised:    $6505.00 (Masha Allah)

Its really going to be a big help for both (Captain Abbas and Hira Mushtaq) the students and may Allah bless you all. Ameen
Total Money collected for Scholarship Assistance $6,505.00
Total Expenses $1,236.00
Total Money in bank after expenses for scholarship fund $5,269.00
**Check for Student 1 (60% of balance) $3,161.40
**Check for Student 2 (40% of balance) $2,107.60
Total money kept by MAP for arranging the fund-raiser and providing this service $0.00
**If someone needs to know the Student names, then please contact us at for more details.
Upcoming Actions:

MAP will be forming a committee and the Scholarship program will be held every year in effort to help the students of Greater Pittsburgh. MAP will identify these students based on their needs as well as their educational background.

Thank you again for your generous help.

Hamid Jafri
MAPitt President