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MAP Ramadan Activities

As-Salaam-Alaimkum MAP Members,
    MAP will be providing various services/activities to the community during Ramadan 2012 (Please click here to see the MAP Ramadan Activities Calendar) or click the "Calendar Of Events" page. Some of these are mentioned below:
Insha-allah, the Khatmul Quran (completion of the Quran recitation) for this Ramadan will be held on August 16th (Thursday). Please mark your calendars to plan on attending this event. The isha and taraweeh prayers will start at 9:50 pm.
The suggested donation for Zakat-Ul-Fitr is $10 per person in the family, and the collection box is located on the left as you enter the MAP masjid. Please be aware that Zakat-ul-Fitr is for the poor and needy and they must be able to avail it before Eid. MAP will be collecting Zakat-Ul-Fitr till Thursday evening (August 16th). Therefore, we urge you to fulfill this obligation as soon as you can. This will ensure that those receiving it will do so in time for Eid.
Fundraiser for Humanitarian Crisis All Over The World
There will be a fundraising iftar on August 17th (Friday) for the "Humanitarian Crisis All Over The World"  at the masjid. More than 100,000+ people are sufferring in countries like Syria, Burma, etc. If you cannot attend and would like to make a donation, then please write a check to "Zakat Foundation" and drop it off at the MAP masjid or give it to any of the MAP board or EC members. All donations (Zakat, Sadaqa, Zakat-Ul-Fitr are accepted for this noble cause). MAP will collect all the donations and give it as a collective donation from our community to the representative from "Zakat foundation" who will be attending the fund-raising event. For more details, please click here.
MAP Daily Salat and Taraweeh Prayers
The isha and taraweeh prayer starts at 9:50 pm. The isha/taraweeh prayer times will be changed every friday and you can see the details by downloading the Ramadan Prayer time calendar or visiting the "Salat Times" page. The masjid will be open for the 5 daily prayers, please see the calendar for Iqama times.
MAP Daily Tahajjud Prayer during the last 10 days of Ramadan
The Tahajjud prayer will be held daily starting August 9th from 4:00 am to 4:30 am till end of Ramadan. After the prayer basic Sehri (i.e. Cereal, Milk, Bananas and Tea) will be provided for those who decide to stay for Sehri at the masjid. The Fajr prayer will be at 5:25 am till the end of Ramadan.
MAP Eid Party
MAP will insha-allah be having an Eid Party on August 24th 2012 (Friday) at Blueberry Park. $30/family ticket, $10/indivdual, Kids 5 and Under are free. Please contact any of the MAP EC members for tickets. For more details please click here.
MAP Daily Community Iftar
MAP will insha-allah be having daily Iftar during Ramadan (Please RSVP by sending an email to Alhamdu-lillah, all the days have already been sponsored by various brothers and sisters (May allah reward them for their generosity). Please contact the MAP EC at if you would like to still contribute towards the Iftar funds as MAP is still looking for donations as sometimes the expense is more than what has been donated for a particular day. You can make the donation to any of the MAP EC or Board members and please let them know it is for the Iftar Sponsorship or you can put it in MAP's donation box in an envelope and label it for Iftar Sponsorship To verify the list of sponsors and the Ramadan Iftar Sponsorship Calendar, please click here. Finally click here to view the Iftar checklist (If you are sponsoring an Iftar, please be sure to read this checklist, it's our masjid and we need to take care of it).
MAP Daily Ramadan Lecture Series
MAP is pleased to announce the commencement of "Lecture Series" by Br. Hilal during the entire month of Ramadan. A lecture will be held daily at the MAP masjid after Asr prayers. You are all invited to attend with your families. The community is encouraged to ask questions and Br. Hilal who has a PHD in islamic shariah law will insha-allah make every attempt to answer them. More details regarding the topics and timings can be found by clicking here. Iftar will insha-allah be provided.
MAP Ramadan Fundraising Iftar
MAP will be having it's annual Ramadan Fundraising event on August 3rd at Marriott in Cranberry. Please make every attempt to attend this fundraising and support your masjid. For more details regarding the event click here.