MAP Ramadan Daily Lecture Series

    MAP is pleased to announce the commencement of "Lecture Series" by our imam Br. Hilal during the entire month of Ramadan. A lecture will be held daily at the MAP masjid after Asr prayers. Asr prayer is at 7:45 pm. You are all invited to attend with your families.
Ramadan Topics for the whole month:

Day Date / Time Topic
Wed 7/10/13 7:45 PM Revelation of Quran – Part 2
Thu 7/11/13 7:45 PM Revelation of Quran – Part 3
Fri 7/12/13 7:45 PM Laws of Islamic inheritance and its role in Western Jurisprudence (Ramadan day 3  Friday onwards)
Sat 7/13/13 7:45 PM What does sharia mean for a Muslim and a non-muslim
Sun 7/14/13 7:45 PM Dawah: best method and interfaith Dialogue
Mon 7/15/13 7:45 PM Role of women in the Life of Prophet Muhammad ( SAW)
Tue 7/16/13 7:45 PM The story of Moses a.s
Wed 7/17/13 7:45 PM The history of kaaba and Masjid Nabwi
Thu 7/18/13 7:45 PM 73 Sects:  Which one is the right school of thought
Fri 7/19/13 7:45 PM Islamic views on: organ donation, transplant, stem cells and cloning, surrogate mothers, test tube babies.
Sat 7/20/13 7:45 PM Muslim women in western world: challenges of present times
Sun 7/21/13 7:35 PM  Justice in Islam
Mon 7/22/13 7:35 PM  The story of Ibrahim a.s
Tue 7/23/13 7:35 PM  Innovations in Deen: Albidah’
Wed 7/24/13 7:35 PM Dreams: Do they affect our lives
Thu 7/25/13 7:35 PM  Why are we divided into 4 madahibs
Fri 7/26/13 7:35 PM  Characteristics of a blessed home
Sat 7/27/13 7:35 PM  Lessons for Married couples from the life of Prophet SAW
Sun 7/28/13 7:30 PM  Adoption in Islam: view of different School of thoughts
Mon 7/29/13 7:30 PM  Lailat ul qadr
Tue 7/30/13 7:30 PM  The story of Prophet Ayub
Wed 7/31/13 7:30 PM  Al Nazr: Islamic view of evil eye
Thu 8/1/13 7:30 PM  Uloom al hadith: Hadith sciences
Fri 8/2/13 7:30 PM  Knowledge and wisdom
Sat 8/3/13 7:30 PM  Signs of the last day: Yaum ul Qiyyamah
Sun 8/4/13 7:20 PM  Parenthood in Islam
Mon 8/5/13 7:20 PM  Kindness to relatives
Tue 8/6/13 7:20 PM  The story of Prophet Yusuf
Wed 8/7/13 7:20 PM  Al Isra and Al miraj
Thu 8/8/13 7:20 PM  Spirit of Ramadan: how to keep it for the rest of the year

    The community is encouraged to ask questions and Br. Hilal who has a PHD in islamic shariah law will insha-allah make every attempt to answer them. Br. Hilal other than being a medical doctor by profession is also a distinguished islamic scholar. He currently leads the Taraveeh prayers at MAP and he has done the same in other pittsburgh area masjid's for the past 12 plus years. Apart from leading Taraveeh he is available for open forums, one on one discussion, Tahajud and Halaqa's in the holy month of Ramadan. MAP is honored to have his services and invites everyone to join us in Ramadan for the Daily Lecture series, Iftar and Taraweeh prayers. Iftar will insha-allah be provided everyday for the community after the lecture. If any community member has a suggestion for a topic, then please send an email to and we will insha-allah include the topic if possible.