*Important* Community Update from the President

posted Jun 24, 2013, 8:43 AM by MAP Admin   [ updated Oct 21, 2018, 9:20 AM ]

As-salaamu alaikum dear community members,

On behalf of the Muslim Association of Greater Pittsburgh Executive Council (EC) and the Board of the American Muslim Assocation of North Hills Pittsburgh (AMANHP), I would like to provide an update on the current facility.

As many of you know, the existing main prayer hall and school building are approximately seventeen and thirty years old respectively.  The buildings are showing their age with the need for both regular maintenance and repair work.

As such, the facilities committee contracted a building inspector to report on their overall integrity and potential deficiencies in order to facilitate a strategic plan and financial budget going forward.

The inspection was carried out on Friday October 12th with a recommendation for air and specimen testing which was performed the same day.

The testing report was received today, Friday October 19th at Juma.  The report indicates the presence of mold in both the main prayer building as well as the school building.

With this information, the EC took the immediate step to cancel all activities tonight.

Late this evening, the EC and AMANHP Board met to review the findings and to determine the appropriate next steps. A unanimous consensus was reached for the following:

At this time, the masjid facility is closed for all activities, including Juma prayer, halaqas, individual prayer, and Sunday School, until we can ensure full remediation of the problem with follow-up testing returning normal results.

The MAP president and president-elect also had a conference call this evening with the MAP Sunday School administration to notify them of the findings.

The plan going forward includes the following:

1)      Contacting mold remediation firms with the first estimate expected Monday

2)      Identifying an alternate site for Salat-ul-Juma to avoid disruption

3)      Working with the Sunday School administration to minimize further impact on the school calendar


As you can imagine, the decision to close the building was not taken lightly. However, we have strived to act decisively with the information as it was received. The safety of our community, including our elders and children, is paramount.  Once the facility is sanitized and cleared, it will reopen InshaAllah for all scheduled activities.


I will try to provide updates as new information comes available.


May Allah (SWT) continue to protect our community.

Omar Abbasi